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Dental implants are also revolutionising the use of dentures for both new and existing wearers. We can now place a small number of implants into the jaw and design or retrofit a set of dentures to fit on top.

If you decide to choose implant-retained dentures, you will receive the required number of implants, typically at least two per arch. Once your implants are in place, we will add denture support attachments to them — either a set of small studs or a bar. Then we will fit a temporary denture and the healing period will begin.

Once your implants are fully healed, we can replace your temporary dentures with permanent ones. Your dentures will simply slot into place on top of your implants, and you can remove them as needed for cleaning and disinfecting.

The implant-retained denture fitting process differs between patients. On average, two or three appointments take place over several months. However, we may be able to complete a fitting from start to finish during one session in some cases.

If you would like to find out more about implant-retained dentures, contact the Banning Dental Practice to book a consultation.

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