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Facial Aesthetics In Brentford & Lewisham

Our skin changes over time. Various factors can affect the natural ageing process, including heredity, sun exposure, and other lifestyle choices.

At Banning Dental Practice, we understand that a beautiful smile can greatly enhance your facial appearance. However, we also offer a comprehensive range of modern facial aesthetics treatments, allowing you to fully optimise your appearance. We called it Feel Good and Look Good.

The concept is Scandinavian, same as us, and it simply allows you to make small or big changes to your face which will make huge difference in the overall appearance you desire.

We truly understand that beauty comes from within but are here to help you if you wish to have help with your skin and face to meet your wishes.

Removing a stubborn wrinkle, enhancing lips or creating fuller facial structures can all be done within minutes.

As experts in facial anatomy, our dentists and specialists intimately understand the proper ratios, complex physiology and skeletal structure of the face.

If you are dissatisfied with your facial appearance for any reason, contact the Banning Dental Practice on to speak to one of our facial aesthetics specialists about the treatments we offer.

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