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Prosthodontics Treatment & Specialists in London | Banning Dental Practice

The primary goal of a prosthodontist is to enhance the aesthetic appearance and functionality of a patient’s teeth.

A prosthodontist specialises in the design, production, and placement of artificial tooth replacements such as dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants, as well as other cosmetic procedures.

They have undergone specialised training to help patients with conditions such as a cleft palate, temporomandibular joint syndrome, or a sleep disorder. They can also perform reconstructive dental work following a facial injury or oral cancer surgery.

If you have a missing, damaged, stained, or misshapen tooth, you can visit a prosthodontist to have it restored or replaced.

At Banning Dental Practice, we have a prosthodontic specialist on our team to provide you with the very best care and optimal results. Contact us to book an appointment or to find out more about our restorative and cosmetic treatments.

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