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Thread Lifts – A New Facelift | Banning dental Practice

Thread lifts are the latest development in wrinkle correction and were developed to fill the void between non-invasive techniques and facelift surgery.

An extremely versatile treatment, advanced thread lift technology is used to treat wrinkles, drooping cheeks, sagging jowls, pronounced marionette folds, loose skin on the neck, and wrinkles on the chin.

Thread lifts utilise dissolvable, temporary sutures to give the skin a noticeable yet subtle lift. This sustainable procedure reduces the appearance of wrinkles, encouraging the body’s natural healing abilities to tighten the skin, improving its look and feel.

A thread lift is a progressively rejuvenating process that encourages long-term improvement. The body’s healing response to the foreign sutures causes increased collagen production in the treated area. Collagen thickens and hydrates the skin to reduce looseness and prevents further wrinkling through its strengthening properties.

At Banning Dental Practice, our certified dental professionals administer thread lift treatments to help you look and feel your best without the downtime of a facelift.

If you are considering a thread lift treatment and would like to know more, contact Banning Dental Practice.

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